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Library Meeting Room Policy

The Reedsburg Public Library Board & Staff encourage the use of the Community and Conference rooms by and for the benefit of community residents.  All use must be in accordance with library policies and guidelines and should in no way interfere with library programming or operations.


  1. Persons seeking to utilize the meeting spaces shall submit a completed application and receive approval.  Application must be made in advance, not more than three months prior to the scheduled meeting.  The library will respond to the request no later than three business days after receiving the application.
  2. Any application may be refused or rescinded at the discretion of the library. The Library reserves the right to preempt any scheduled meeting.  
  3. The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that use of the room is in accordance with all library policies and rules. Loss of or damage to library property will result in charges.
  4. Kitchen, AV or other available equipment may be requested on the Application for Meeting Room Use. Users should submit an AV reservation form to the library for items not included on the Application for Meeting Room Use. Fees may apply.
  5. A signed waiver must be submitted with the application for meeting space.  There shall be one individual over 18 years of age designated as the person in charge of the activity and that individual shall be present at all times during the event.  The Library may require proof of liability insurance coverage.
  6. Use of the Library meeting spaces is free, but donations to the Library or the Friends of the Library are accepted.

Acceptable Use

  1. Meeting spaces are intended primarily for the use of the library’s programs and library-sponsored activities.  When not required for library use, the rooms will be available for use by community and other not-for-profit groups and local businesses, for programs of an informational, educational, cultural or civic nature. 
  2. All programs, meetings and events must be free of charge unless specifically permitted by the Library.  Spaces may not be used for entrepreneurial or commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, profit or fundraising other than for the support of the Library unless specifically permitted by the library.
  3. The Library shall not discriminate on the basis of political or religious beliefs of applicant groups or on any other constitutionally or statutorily-prohibited basis. However, the provision of meeting space must be subordinate to the need to provide a safe, peaceful and respectful library environment.  Uses that are likely to disturb Library patrons in their customary use of the library, impede staff in the performance of their duties, or endanger the building or collections will not be approved.
  4. Meeting rooms are available during regular library hours.  Groups may request to continue past library closing time by indicating this on the application.  The request must be approved by the Library Director in advance of the scheduled room use and the person responsible for the meeting or event is required to be trained in proper closing procedures prior to the event.
  5. All promotional material relating to events must clearly name the sponsoring/hosting organization, business or group as well as contact information for the organization and/or responsible individual.  Use of the Library as the contact is prohibited.
  6. Library Staff may attend or observe any meeting or program at any time.

Restrictions on Use 

  1. Rooms are not intended for regularly scheduled meetings.  The library reserves the right to refuse advance reservations when a regular pattern of use is evident. 
  2. Groups using the meeting room may not charge fees or require purchase or payment as a condition of attendance. 
  3. The compilation of names for mailing lists or further solicitations is prohibited.
  4. Events involving the sale, advertising or promotion of products or services is not permitted unless the program is sponsored by the library.
  5. Private social functions, including showers, parties and dances are not permitted.
  6. Tacks, pins and tape are not allowed on the painted walls.  No signs or posters promoting a program or meeting may be placed anywhere in the library or on library property without the permission of library staff.

Additional Terms of Use

  1. The library does not assume responsibility for any property brought to or left in the library by the group reserving the room or any individuals attending the meeting.  The library is unable to provide storage space for those using the meeting spaces.
  2. The library cannot accept calls or relay messages to individuals using the meeting rooms except in the case of emergency.
  3. The use of tobacco products, alcohol and illegal drugs is prohibited on premises owned or rented by the City of Reedsburg.  No person shall possess, consume, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug or intoxicants in City buildings or grounds.
  4. The meeting spaces must be returned to the condition and set-up in which they were found.  The Library will invoice the representative of the group or organization if there is a need for cleaning, or replacement or repair of the rooms or contents.
  5. Meeting attendees should use non-library parking as available so as not to impede access to other library users.

Review and Appeal

The Library Director shall be responsible for the administration and interpretation of this policy. Any group or individual who has an objection to decisions made under this policy or the policy itself shall file a notice of appeal in writing to the Library Director within 10 days.  The Library Board will hear the appeal as soon as practicable.


Room Use Agreement

In consideration of the use of library property and facilities, as the person in charge of the approved activity or as an officer of the organization, I hereby agree that in the event of injury or damage to myself or other participants, I will accept responsibility for any and all supervisory duties and I will in no manner whatsoever hold or attempt to hold the City of Reedsburg or its representatives liable in any supervisory capacity, or for any supervisory functions.

I also agree that as the person in charge, I shall be responsible for the general well-being of the spaces used and shall be liable for any breakage or other damage to the space or its contents which may occur during the period of approved use.

It is certified by the undersigned that the purpose of use for which this application is requested is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-exclusive (open to the public).  It is agreed that while being used by the undersigned, proper control will be maintained over the space(s) used and any persons who may be therein.  It is agreed that any damage beyond normal wear and tear while being used for the purpose requested will be the liability of the undersigned.

I have carefully read and understand the Library Meeting Room Policy and Room Use Agreement.  I agree to hold the Reedsburg Public Library and its representatives harmless for any injury and/or damages that may be sustained while our group or organization is using said facilities or any part thereof.


approved: 4/11/2013
Updated 6/11/2015

Updated 6/13/2019