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Gifts help assure the continuing viability and strength of the Library and the excellence of its collections and programs.

Gifts and Memorials:

Serves to remember and/or honor people and occasions through donations of books or monies for books, materials or other needed items.
Application for Gifts & Memorials Donation (PDF)

Planned Gift:

You can be a part of the Library's future. Options include bequests, trusts, and gifts of appreciated assets such as stocks, securities, or property.

Material Donations:

Don't add to landfills by throwing out your unwanted reading material or videos.
Instead, donate your gently used books, cassettes, CDs or DVDs to the Library.

These gifts will recycle the items by adding them to the library collection or adding them to the next Book Sale.Support Your Library Today with a financial contribution!

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Reedsburg Public Library

Donations may be made to the Reedsburg Public Library via the South Central Library System Foundation, a 501c3 entity. Click on this link and follow the directions to give to the Reedsburg Public Library today.


Checks can also be sent to:

370 Vine Street
Reedsburg, WI 53959


Become a Friend of the Library

The Friends of the Library support the Library in a variety of ways. More info.